Losing weight is easy. Make it a priority to do three hours of exercise and mindful stretching each day, and eat half as many calories as you burn.

The hunger is all encompassing, but you can conquer it, and then you become a willpower champ!

Returning to the realm of sustainable, healthy living is the hard part. I've often maintained my desired body type for a few months, but the fatty excess weight has always crept back, so in this new year, 2019, I hatched a plot to become a vegan.

At first, I thought of it as a cute gimmick, but when I looked into it, I realized that the stuff we do to animals in order to eat meat, milk, and eggs all the time is terrible for the environment.

It's also aggressive beyond all recognition.

The industrial food system has turned humanity into the equivalent of profoundly troubled child who tortures animals in order to ease the pain of a deeper problem that's going on in his or her life.

For me, the deeper issue is that I want to help implement a minimum standard of living benefit for all people. If someone is down and out, or even just down on their luck, there should be an easy, dignified option for them to get three hot meals a day, a safe place to sleep, and access to services that I, myself, would use.

It wouldn't be luxury, but it would be all good, and the three hot meals would be vegan. Why would we want to kill or abuse an animal in order to give someone free food?

Killing animals is an extreme decadence. If you're into that, then fine, but maybe also recognize that the world is changing, and violence, itself, is the only enemy left to fight.

I'm tackling the enemy head on by going vegan.

That said, all kinds of horrible things happen in life, as in war, and sometimes it's important to fight! I'm not above fighting against tyranny, and being a vegan doesn't mean I would die impotently before tasting a drop of melted butter.

I just prefer the vegan life more and more.

In fact, I'm in the middle of shedding some weight, again, and I'm going to keep eating and fresh salmon and a splash of milk here and there until I get to my target body type. I'm experiencing a huge boost from just a little bit of fish, and I'm also seeing a lot of situations where I could lead by asking for the soy milk, etc. but I'd rather wait until I'm not operating at a calorie deficit before excluding all dairy from my diet.

Veganism is a healing process for humanity, and it's on a growth trajectory.

Over the next few months, I'll document my upgrade to, "vegan preferred status," with photo shoots and blog posts about how things are going. I expect to save money and become a healthier person.

I'm already drinking less, for example. I used to eat bacon and eggs for breakfast because I drank the night before, and then I'd want to drink some more in order to take the edge off of all that aggression in my food choices. It was a vicious cycle, and now I can feel that cycle winding down, for all the right reasons.

Vegan options are fascinating and inspiring. The authentic stories that we can tell about each meal become richer and richer, when we start with plant based food sources.

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